Nigerian lady loses job in UK after telling her boss ‘sorry’

A middle aged Nigerian woman has lamented on social media after losing her job in the United Kingdom because she apologised to her boss.

The lady with TikTok handle @deeglam_varieties, explained in a video that she worked a night shift and spent her time in the office lounge pressing her phone to avoid falling asleep.

She said the next day, her boss accused her of sleeping on the job, which surprised her, and instead of defending herself by revealing what she was doing, the Nigerian lady, repeatedly apologized and went home.

Unfortunately for @deeglam_varieties, later that day, she received an email that she had been fired and it came as a cultural shock for her.

She used her experience to advise Nigerians traveling overseas on the need to made deliberate efforts to do away with their attitude of saying ‘sorry’.

In reaction, Patbaby said: Don’t tell them sorry oooo. even when you see them falling just waka pass. I’ve learned it, my sister. I can’t tell them I am sorry but I will explain myself to them, that’s all.

Okunuga Bolanle Nadi commented: Yes ooooo my Sister. “I have someone if I say am sorry for he will say why are you sorry, it’s not your fault.

Oluwasimidele Ifeloluwa Joy wrote: That’s sacking you with a false allegation. That’s why people who work in the healthcare sector have been told to join a union. You would have refuted this by laying off your work if you were under any union.

user9602975014235 said: If anything happens at your workplace you need to explain your part and never say I’m sorry to these people it means acceptance of being guilty. Even after your explanation never tell them you are sorry.