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Nigerian lady in a car mocks man for wooing her while in a keke napep (Video)



A video circulating on social media captures the moment a man who was in a tricycle commonly known as keke napep, wooed a lady in a car while they were in traffic.

The man asked for her phone number and gestured as though he was waiting for her to call it out but she snubbed him and instead started laughing with her friend who was also in the vehicle.

She sat at the passenger’s seat in front and the man was riding in a keke napep just beside her. her friend teased her to give him the number but she refused and laughed it off.

When the keke eventually drove off, she could be heard mocking him as she wondered how he would expect to get her number when he was in a tricycle while she rode in a car.

Watch the video:

See some reactions below..

@scpsaade; Lol people wey dey beg to chop for a living…

@SMSharyf; I tire

@danonuche; At the end of the day it’s ladies and not men that end up jumping from one prayer house to another seeking for a life partner.

@jocular_solo; Always this gender

@poetagain; This is pure “I cant date a guy who has no car”

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