Nigerian lady expresses sadness as friend loses his wealth and becomes bus driver

A Nigerian lady known as Ngozi Preshy has expressed pains and sadness after learning of how her rich friend hit rock bottom.

She said the guy used to be wealthy and very generous but he went through very tough times between 2019 and 2023 and it resulted him him becoming a pauper.

Ngozi who shared the story on Twitter said she recently met him and saw that he was now driving bus for a living.

According to her, he was ashamed when he saw her because when he was still financially buoyant he used to give her N20k -N30k when she was doing her national youth service.

She wrote; “It’s heartbreaking when u see ur frd who used to be rich and now a bus driver. What happened to him btw 2019-2023.😭. I had to meet him, he was so ashamed. This guy used to dash me money then in nysc 20k, 30k😭😭😭. My night is ruined 💔

I collected his number and called him. His story is really sad. Be like spiritual thing o. I don’t have money to help him but he will bounce bk with prayers. I’m not a pastor but with my little level of spirituality, God will arise in HIS mercy and restore him bk.”

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In reaction, @SirJamini said; She’s not actually feeling bad for the guy, she’s just sad because he may not be able to give her money like he used to.

@DanielRegha; A lot of people have gone from rich to poor unexpectedly; Most times it’s due to bad investments, reckless spending or mingling with liabilities. It’s a devastating experience, but such is life & the best anyone can do is become determined to get their life back on track.

@francisog017; Watched my dad go from being rich to almost loosing everything… All because of a failed business, ngl… It’s reality and can happen to anybody

@Kontrolla19; Ur turn to help him and ur night is ruined Lmfaoooooooo…. e dey give u 20k, 30k na wetin make am broke so… dem go dey shout givers never lack see how giver don lack anyhow… a bus driver is still a baller sha

@Eddieeddie011; I had so much money, owned properties too much for a guy of my age in 2020, got married to an Indonesian woman and brought her to Nigeria and I was just 22. Fast forward to today, I lost everything in mba forex – a popular Nigerian producer stole my Indonesian wife.