Nigerian lady cries out after eye lashes she fixed nearly made her go blind (Video)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share how she almost went blind as a result of the lash extension she fixed in her eye.

She shared a video which showed when she just fixed the lashes and it started irritating her eye few hours later.

Both her eyes got swollen and tears began to drop from them. Also, the sclera (white part of the eye) turned bloodsht red.

She thought it would subside on its own after sometime, but that didn’t happen, rather it got worse. Her man could be seen comforting her and using tissue to wipe the tears that were trickling down her eyes.

However, when she realised that it could damage her eye, she eventually visited a hospital and they had to run tests, and commence treatment. Her left eye had to be covered as part of the treatment.

Watch the clip below:

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bbcollectionsbytee; They must have fixed it on her skin. Pls all lash artists should isolate properly use the right glue and never stop learning because omo handling someone’s eye is a delicate matter that shouldn’t be toyed with. Thank God we have never had any issues like this God has been faithful n I’ve never tried to stop learning of way to improve 🙏🙏

allaboutonyi_; This happened to my friend !!! She went to do lashes in all this street salons and the next day her eyes were swollen Omo💔 she had to go to the hospital and started even taking treatments for it ,and it took long before her eyes went back to normal Omo since that day I never fix any lashes for my eyes ooo before I go hear story sinamnachomma

peacey_sammy; Same thing happened to me first and only time make artist use me learn work. I almost blind. Taking it out was hell with that glue wey be like stone. Thank God mine didn’t land me in hospital sha.

cilia_aesthetics; How did she remove the lashes from her eyes. You’re always advised not to pull your lashes because its fixed on your natural lashes so you used force to remove them and it you got a bad result
Its all this people that go to incompetent lash techs that will come and be making noise,when you went to the cheap place to fix it you no talk anything ooo

_lov_issabella; Private hospitals best in making ur injury look the biggest😂😂

lulusmooth; And you were still wearing the other side, aunty you never ready. I pray eye contact won’t do me this kind of thing because eye contact is the only thing I can’t stay a week without.

yourprincecharming01; Her boyfriend should come and enter heaven let me see man was laughing 😂😂💔

dereera_b; One this you should know about lash extensions is that some people are allergic to a specific agent (cyano acrylate) in the bonding glue. All glues used in lash extension have this agent but could differ in percentage. As a lash technician and stylist, I make sure to know if my clients are allergic to any of the products I use and that’s the key to avoid stories like this. Lash extensions shouldn’t stress you except it’s applied wrongly.