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Nigerian lady collapses while attempting to break Guinness World Record for longest massage (Video)

A Nigerian lady, who embarked on a 72-hour massage marathon to break a Guinness World Record, has collapsed.

Joyce Ijeoma passed out on Tuesday at the venue of the event in the Lekki area of Lagos State and the live coverage was stopped.

A video making the rounds on social media platforms shows her giving in to exhaustion and falling to the floor around 1am.

It was gathered that she was rushed out for medical attention and as at press time, Ijeoma was yet to return to the venue.

Watch video below:

The previous Guiness World Record for the longest full-body massage was set in 2015 by Alastair Galpin in South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Galpin earned the award after giving massage for 25 hours and 4 minutes.

In other news, Nigerian actress, Nazo Ekezie recently said that she does not fancy being with a man who is poor.

She stated this in an interview while cautioning poor men to stay away from her because she has no business with them.

Nazo came under fire recently after she took to her Instagram page to declare that she has no business with a man who is not wealthy.

The backlash that trailed the pretty thespian’s statement on social media forced her to delete the post from her page.

However, speaking on the matter again, Nazo Ekezie reiterated her position and noted that she is not looking for a man she can build or invest in.

The actress said that though she is not one who is qualified to give relationship advice, her IG post was meant to entertain netizens but they took it another way then judged her and accused her of being a gold digger.

The screen diva further said that her primary concern is being able to take care of herself and wanting her fellow women to do same for themselves.

Nazo said she talks to women more because they are from the same world and would understand each other better.

She explained that she has no energy for dealing with men, especially the poor ones, which is why she prefers they stay away from her.

She also stressed that whenever she makes a motivational post on social media, it is mostly meant for herself and no one else.

In her words; I am not in the right position to give anybody relationship advice. I made a post that people were supposed to learn from or laugh about. But, people are now turned it to mean that I was asking men for money.

What I care mostly about is self-care. Women really need to know how to take care of themselves. I don’t come from a man’s world; I come from a woman’s world. I like talking to women because I am a woman as well.

I don’t understand how I made a ‘happy’ post, and people turned it to a ‘bad’ post. Since then, I have got a lot of ‘nonsense’ messages, especially from poor men. If you are a poor man, I don’t have any business with you. I am not looking for a man I am going to build. I don’t have the energy for that. I will rather build myself. Whenever I write anything motivational, I am talking about myself.