Nigerian lady celebrates her dad for sponsoring his 4 kids through school without a job

A Nigerian lady known as Tijesunimi, has revealed that her father trained she and her siblings in school without having a job.

She took to Twitter and explained that God called him into a ministry and assured him that the family will never lack.

According to her, the man is unemployed but he is able to sponsor his four children through school and they have a comfortable house.

Tijesunimi wrote; “My Dad doesn’t earn a salary. He doesn’t do any paying work. God called Him into a ministry and told him, “I will be your employer” and we’ve not known lack till today. He sponsors our education (4 of us). We live in a very comfortable house, we always have all we need too.

I think about all the amazing amazing things that works for my Dad and I just conclude that this is God. I don’t know but I also know there’s a special grace over this man’s life, a covenant. There’s almost no one he doesn’t know. I mean all the big men.”

See the post:

In reaction, @RowlyDaDon commented; God called him…it became a covenant. As long as he is committed to his own, God will be committed to His own part

@IkeTonyChukwue2; Omo We are in the same page dear. My dad is into full time ministry too and God has been faithful. Two kids in the university where the tuition hits 100k and above .

@Jcsteven62; I can relate to this. My parents are also ministers with AG, Nigeria 4 abt 35yrs now. Gave birth to 6 of us in the ministry. It’s been 4rm 1 village 2 anoda, but God has been faithful, he has 4 graduates 4rm d uni. The God who called him has really helped him

@AdepojuSamuelA; God is always faithful… He always keeps his own part of the bargain… But you see, your dad is bold… To leave all and follow like Abraham is GREAT GRACE.

Similar, a tech founder known as Editi Effiong, has said he empowered every child in his community with the requisite computer skills to be relevant in modern society.

He made this known on Twitter while replying a tweep who challenged him for raising concerns over the development index in Lagos.

The tweep told him to compare the level of development in Lagos state with his village and say which is better.

In response, the CEO of Anakle said he ensured that every primary school pupil in his village can use a computer. Editi also said that they are taught how to code and have access to the internet.

He shared photos to backup his claim and wrote; ”My village has running water. But the most important development index for me is that every child attending primary school there can use a computer, has internet access and has learned to code. I made that happen. Now, tell me how you developed your village.”