Nigerian lady celebrates first time smoking weed (Video)

A young Nigerian woman has taken to social media to celebrate after smoking cannabis, known by its street name ‘weed’ for the first time in her life.

In a video making the rounds, she could be seen showing off the blunt and talking about how happy she was that she finally learnt how to smoke.

Lady celebrate smoking weed

The lady who revealed that she is a student said she was thinking she would not be able to do it when she goes back to school.

Speaking like someone who is intoxicated, she said; “I’m so happy because this is my first time and I am happy.”

Social media users dropped divergent comments on her decision to smoke weed and her reaction.

Watch the video:

@frankiemindset commented; Lmaooo sorry but most of you are hypocrites! Your celebrities smoke all sort of things even while performing, you don’t condemn them o because this one no be celeb everyone is condemning her Lemaoo 😂😂

@lollypeezle; You all can only condemn her. You don’t know how it feels to smoke igbo for the first time. What a beautiful moment. What a wonderful thing to show the internet. I am extremely happy for her so far she’s not a member of my family. A ku igbo mimu o, emi wa shey pupo.

@DeYork02; Everything has broken down! People no longer have consciences. Which way are we going? Social media smoking promotion can convey a troubling message to other users, especially if it supports a bad habit. It’s critical to exercise responsibility and think about how actions and…

@Kemisanwo; We all need something to keep us sane in this Tinubu economy. Gald you found yours

@HOLARMEEDEY1; Please don’t use harsh words on her, she needs support and go fund me to buy her more. She also need iPhone 8 so that she take a better video quality next time.