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Nigerian lady calls out Twitter celeb over alleged ‘WhatsApp’ fraud



A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to call out a popular entrepreneur and make-up artist for alleged fraud.

The twitter user with the handle @DaughterOf_eve accused the MUA with the handle @Moechievous of not staying true to a deal they had on taking online classes through whatsapp.

She further accused @mochievous of reneging on their deal after participants had paid 75 thousand Naira.

@DaughterOf_eve tweeted; “Since Glory Osei is trending, gorimapa Pablo Escobar, it’s also time to call out another fraudstress, Mochievous, for defrauding some of her students, refused to respond to their emails & refund the N75k paid for a whatsapp class back. I have receipts. I give you till tomorrow.

You can’t defraud hardworking Nigerians women you claim you support & go scot-free. I’ll drag you by your fake Ijesha weave just like they did Glory Osei skull. I ain’t one of them scared bitches. I went on hiatus collating reports on my last tweets & I’m back.

“Refund everyone their money. Everyone who is dissatisfied with your services. Once you do, they’ll tell me. You can’t promise what you can’t deliver. That’s Glory Osei’s level kinda fraud. I know you have male genitals but your balls ain’t as big as hers. So behave.

You charge us 75k for a course that’s isn’t worth 5k but you carry our money & be touring the world forming boss chic, meanwhile your whole brand is copy & paste from Glory Osei handbook. If you don’t keep quiet, abroad Osita Iheme.

“We are waiting. I’ll give you this week & that’s it. All these long grammar na Okoto meow kututu meow Skr. Bend-down select Glory Osei.”

See her tweets;

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