Nigerian lady belittles men with less than N20k in their bank accounts

A young Nigerian lady simply known as Mopelola has taken a swipe at broke men in the country.

She made a mockery of those who have less than N20,000 in their accounts by referring to them as chickens.

Mopelola, who is a fashion designer made the comment on Twitter and stirred controvery on the microblogging platform.

She tweeted; “Any man with less than 20k balance in his account is nothing but a chicken.

Reacting, @sola_ogunlola said; Mope I put it to you that you don’t have up to 5k in your acct.

@affablephemmie; Guess you just needed some attention. Do you know what it takes to be a real man? I want to believe you don’t mean what you posted?

@Sir_Rexpect; You should have just tagged me straight you don’t need to cut through corners

@KingHajjiSheikh; I m proud to be from Chicken Republik, better than to be from the republic of Nigeria.

@AyodejiNelson2; U for just sent this to my DM..you carry me come public…😒😒

@Engr_Samwise; Where i wan see 20k when I no be kidnapper

@MkVSTkT; Can u please complete mine, so I won’t be a chicken 😭

@Nairaleavetv; Where Una dey see 20k sef ninu gbogbo rogbodiyan Yi

CorrectNG reported earlier that a honest Nigerian man passed off on a chance to be over one million naira richer after money was mistakenly credited to his account.

The guy known as @KingOpeOfAbj on Twitter said 1,900 BUSD equivalent to N1.4 million was deposited into his Bitcoin wallet and he had the thought of using the money to celebrate this December.

He said he thought of booking flight to Lagos immediately and commence steady ‘balling’ with the money.

However, he had a change of heart because he later realised that it was not miracle money.

He wrote; Earlier today someone mistakenly deposited 1900 busd to my Wallet, that’s like N1.4m, lots of thoughts came in like Abi na December miracle money ni, make I rush book my Lagos flight go do 2weeks balling back to back with 1.4m.

but then I knew… It was NO miracle money, this is definitely someone’s hard earn money and it’s December, what if it was my money?

I mean it could someone’s whole year savings so i decided to leave it while waiting to be contacted by the owner or customer service which happened this evening. It was fully refunded. Well… guess I won’t be oppressing nobody in Lagos this December 🌚