Nigerian lady appreciates boyfriend for buying her iPhone 7 as birthday gift (Video)

A Nigerian lady has shown appreciation to her boyfriend over the type of mobile device he bought for her as birthday gift.

She shared a video online showing off an iPhone 7 which she received from him while out celebrating her new age.

The birthday girl was happy with the gift which he put inside a phone pack and she showed him she was grateful by giving him a deep hug.

After the gift presentation, the couple settled down to have a nice jumbo meal at the eatery they visited for the celebration.

Social media users praised the girl for being appreciative of the modest gift which many modern girls would have ridiculed.

See the clip and comments below:

official_piusemmy; Wait she appreciated that 😢😍

bamibella; Errrmmm but … Never mind! A win is a win sis 👏

chi.victor.5095; She’s grateful for what she has…let her be…but I wonder why iPhone 6s should be in a carton how come😂

cookie_tiana; iPhone 7 from carton …. Awww true love 😍😍😍

mheenarh__; It might be small to you but it means a lot to her and that’s all that matters😌

emma_illy9; That’s what he can afford 🙌🙌

phauxxee_; So iPhone na true love now 😮 wow just wow oooo

stackchyna__; At least the guy try well done some girls never receive this kind gift before I love the fact that she appreciated it this kind love is sweet and geniu

calebnorth_official; ❤️ Celebrate small wins is better than stealing it

yhanky_comedian; Ordinary iPhone 7 abeg make una rest. You buy girl iPhone 7 shame no catch u and u dey video am post 😏🏃‍♂️

nnenaya_soso; That’s what he can afford! Intention is what’s important here 👏👏