Nigerian journalist, Joey Akan blasts Naira Marley over his new song ‘Soapy’, Zlatan Ibile replies

Nigerian journalist, Joey Akan blasts Naira Marley over his new song ‘Soapy’, Zlatan Ibile replies

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Multi-award winning writer and music journalist, Joey Akan has taken to his Instagram page to blast Naira Marley for releasing his new song ‘Soapy’.  According to the journalist, Naira Marley is trying to normalize public masturbation the way he tried to normalize internet fraud.

He also called Marlians ‘Donkeys of the year’ and lost people who have no sense or self-respect.

He wrote;

Nigerians are poor and lost, desperately looking for something bigger than themselves to connect to. That’s why Naira Marley had support with Yahoo; lost, disillusioned souls looking for belonging from anything higher than their status. Yahoo? No problem. .

Now we have another stain on us with Ijo Soapy. Whoever designed that record, knew what they were doing. They know the base they are targeting. It is not for you sensible person with outrage. It is for those same people who supported him during his self-inflicted travails. .

Marlians are a stupid bunch. A band of nitwits in the idea of foolishness. There is no boundary, no fore or afterthought. Just lost sheep without a modicum of sense or self-respect. Marlians stand for iranu. They stand for rubbish. And they stan for normalization of rubbish. .

Same way Yahoo was trying to go mainstream, Marley is now pushing for normalization of public masturbation. Grown men making dick moves on dance floors is not evolution. It’s degeneration. Masturbate in your homes.

“Soap” isn’t pop culture fodder. .

Marlians: Donkey of the Year.

Rapper Zlatan, who is a friend of Naira Marley and a marlian, replied the journalist, stating that they are all donkeys, including him.

He wrote: “Na all of us be the donkey including you!!! Because you follow up pass some marlians sef.”


  • comment-avatar
    Richie 1 week ago

    Senseless song…a product of unwanted pregnancy.

  • comment-avatar

    na ur papa be donkey

  • comment-avatar
    Djsamex 2 weeks ago

    Your father 🖐️🖐️ journalist

  • comment-avatar
    shayzzy 2 weeks ago

    Na thunder go fire u bro…..mumu ur papa self Na donkey…..

  • comment-avatar
    Garry 2 weeks ago

    see your yam face this one don chop frog and dog tire mumu journalist

  • comment-avatar
    Garry 2 weeks ago

    how many people you help oga stupid dunkey journalist with stupid award mumu of the first century marlians for life ijo soapy 🕺🕺🕺🕺

  • comment-avatar
    gurumusik 2 weeks ago

    bro abeg uno dey Jo soapy??
    if you no dey Jo soapy then u be impotent…. MARLIANS for life

  • comment-avatar
    Sammy 2 weeks ago

    Nothing left to say

  • comment-avatar

    you make a lot of sense!!! to what end is this soapy dance now???

    desperately wanting to normalize immorality!!

  • comment-avatar
    Tobiloba 2 weeks ago

    thurnder fire you bro odeh oshi Marley is our choice Jo soapy

  • comment-avatar
    prince kid 2 weeks ago

    soapy inside life

  • comment-avatar
    immackoh 2 weeks ago

    inside life!!!
    Bros if marlians are donkeys then you must be chimpanzee.
    you enemy of progress.
    oh! you think you can pull others down to rise then you’ve made the greatest mistake of your life.
    watch your back bro!!!

  • comment-avatar
    adedeji abioye 2 weeks ago

    full full donkey Oga joey naira Marley is our choice

  • comment-avatar
    Mightygahgah 2 weeks ago

    Hmm marlians

  • comment-avatar
    blinks 2 weeks ago

    son of a bitch, if we’re donkeys then Ur generation are all donkeys and monkeys, fuck you nigga

  • comment-avatar
    ibraheem 2 weeks ago

    naira Marley agba awo

  • comment-avatar
    dollar marley 2 weeks ago

    zlatn ibile i day feel you for dat side wu d guy hep sef na him be donkey. jo soapy
    inside life

  • comment-avatar

    who u papa help.. ogun kill una for u tu sey we people dat support naira is a fool…… ur Bears out of abobaku…. idiot

  • comment-avatar
    Abdul'azeez 2 weeks ago

    Point of correction, na you be the main donkey not, naira Marley, and you are the one who don’t know what you are doing, rubbish man like,
    …. So for your information, naira Marley na our choice for naija as of naw..
    … Inside life
    …. Ote and life

  • comment-avatar
    Coolest kid 2 weeks ago

    Soapy soapy inside life

  • comment-avatar
    christwealth 2 weeks ago

    He go soon go back to jail of no return I swear!!! stupid song

  • comment-avatar
    kritish 2 weeks ago

    you are the donkey not naira Marley

  • comment-avatar
    StarboyRG 2 weeks ago

    Spoke well!!!!
    But love him or hate him Naira Marley go cast
    Piont of correction you here to correct the stain not to call Malians donkeys with due respect you are a donkey too sir

  • comment-avatar
    Vikkyrino 2 weeks ago

    Bro inspire us what do we need saopy for

  • comment-avatar

    naira Marley is my oga