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Nigerian Illustrator gets opportunity to pitch to Adidas after designing Danfo-inspired sneakers



A Nigerian creative designer is set to have a positive turnaround in his career after he designed a unique set of sneakers with the Adidas logo.

The illustrator identified as @Shutabug on Twitter, designed a pair of sneakers with Danfo-inspired style and colour.

He then asked Twitter users to reach out to Adidas because he has creative ideas to further push its brand.

”Someone call Adidas and tell them I have some ideas,” the talented man wrote.

Luck began to shine on him when @ShopTheBcode, a Nigerian-based company that collaborates with International brands offered to connect him to the team at Adidas.

However, it gave a condition that its post would have to garner 20k retweets.

”Hey, @Shutabug how does an Adidas deal with bCODE sound? Get 20k retweets on this post and we will make magic happen! Good Luck!!

#AdidasNg #bCODE #ShopthebCODE”, @ShopTheBcode tweeted.

In a few days, the retweets surpassed 20k and @Shutabug once again took to Twitter to reveal that he has been given a chance to send a proper pitch to Adidas.

He tweeted;

”The last 72 hours have been crazy. My sketch was meant to be a joke, but people pushed it and now I have a chance to send a proper pitch to Adidas. I can’t thank you all enough…”

”This is where the hard work starts. It’s one thing to post a sketch and have it go viral and it’s another thing to actually get a shoe designed and put into production. Please understand that this might fall through and be nothing more than a viral sketch at the end of the day.

Nevertheless, I promise to give this my absolute best and learn from the experience. Thank you so much for all your help. Please keep me in your prayers.”

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