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A Nigerian guy narrates how Police pushed him into their car and collected 7k from him



A young Nigerian man, who is a reader, has shared with us his ordeal with men of the Nigerian Police Force on the 9th of May, 2018 in Lagos state. According to him, the policemen stopped him and asked for his ID card of which he explained to them that he misplaced it and that he can call his boss to confirmed it but rather he was taken to their bus and all the money he had was collected.[AdSense-B]

Read below;

On the 9th May, 2018 was stopped from a Maruwa just after the Ipaja police station, and and I was asked to come down which I did.. I was ask to identify and I was asked for my ID card which I explained to them saying I’ve misplaced my ID and presently working on getting a new one, to my greatest surprise I was called a criminal cause I could not provide an ID … I pleaded with them to let me make call so I could call my boss or probably an officer as well, they declined took me into there bus and drove me away …

I kept on pleading with them to let me make a call but still declined …. They went through my phone and saw nothing incriminating so they kept on calling a criminal and a thief, to cut the story short they drove towards Abulegba , searched me and collected all the money on me which was 7k and asked me to leave , I pleaded with them to let me have something for my transport but they refused… Had to trek all the way back home ….

I got to know from a bike man that they were from Alagoro police station and one of the officer’s name is MORGAN

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