Nigerian girls are the least sought-after in other countries – Actor, Timini Egbuson

Budding Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson has stated that Nigerian girls are in the minority group when it comes to the dating pool in countries like USA and Canada.

The 36-year-old thespian shared his observation when he appeared as a guest in a recent interview of Menisms Podcast.

Timini Nigerian girls

Timini said his statement was based on personal experiences although he revealed that he prefers dating Nigerian women living abroad, rather than those in Nigeria.

He claimed that the fierce competition the women face when they travel abroad makes them see the need to take good care of any Nigerian man that wooes them.

He said; “This is me talking from my personal experience, honestly I feel like you would get a better dating experience from a Nigerian girl living abroad than those living here.

My reason is because Nigerian girls living in London, Canada or America are the minority in the dating pool over there. So there are options.

So when an abroad-based Nigerian babe catches you, you are honestly the catch and she would be happy to take care of you. But over here, they have options. Even the ones that aren’t the best looking.”

In other news…

A Nigerian life coach known as Alabi Dami has said that the surge of yahoo yahoo (internet fraud) in the country is an eye opener which exposed Nigerian girls as people who lack reasonable relationship standards.

He said that in the past, it used to be difficult for a young man to date a girl in the same age bracket as him because his female peers often call him a small boy while they go for a mature man.

Alabi wrote; Yahoo Yahoo (internet fraud), is really an eye opener on some issues concerning our society, regardless of how bad it is, I can say there’s a lot faux, lies that it uncovered, one of them will be about relationship.

Before Yahoo Yahoo became a pandemic in this country, it was hard for young guys (age 18 – early 20s) to date their peers, on the ground that “they’re not matured enough” blah blah blah, or whatever excuse girls in their age group gave. A girl of same age with you…

Will tell you she’s not your mate, even a girl you older than with few years, will look at you and say “you’re to small to be my bf” especially when one uncle has started eyeing her somewhere.

All this while, we thought it was because, girls mature faster than boys. So they tend to go for older boys/men to meet up with their level of reasoning, not until Yahoo boys started trending, lmaooo. That’s when you’d realize the maturity they where looking for was just “man wey dey spend careless” they know their peers couldn’t make and spend money.