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Nigerian girl narrates how a reverend father broke her head with a stone at a crusade ground



A young Nigerian girl from the eastern part of the country, identified as Onyinye Offor on Facebook, has taken to the social media platform to narrate a quite interesting and hilarious story of how a reverend father broke her head with a stone at a crusade ground.

Onyinye wrote;

Let me tell you about that one time one Rev Father use stone tear my head for crusade ground.

E shock you?
E shock me too mehn.

I remember coming home that week and everyone in our neighborhood sang praises of this powerful crusade that one Rev Father held at Hall.
My mum went on to tell me how the testimonies were superb.
That is eh, Chukwu na ewere onodi na the crusade.

My siblings nko? they told me how they danced and danced that King David would be so jealous of them.

Is the crusade ended? They said no, it will run throughout the week.

Fast forward to 9 pm that same day, everyone got ready. I got dressed too and followed them to go praise my God.

From afar you could hear the
“One, tu, one tu…testing testing microphone”
“Owuru n’ibiara maka crusade a, biko batawa inside”

My mum commanded that we hasten our steps so we don’t end up standing the whole night.

That time eh, front seat n’atogodim separate.
In no time I got myself a strategic position that allows me to have a good view of the altar and then came time for worship ministration.

There was something with the atmosphere that got me on a whole new mood that I saw myself re-dedicating my already dedicated life to God. I was lost in worship that all that was in my head was
“Take it Jesus… take it Jesus, all of it Jesus” while my eyes were firmly shut.

My head was focused upwards while my hands waved to high heavens and my lips moved to “amara’m n’iga eme, n’iga eme ka obi di nma”.
I was at the peak of it all when I felt a strong force on my forehead.


Instantly, my spirit flew back to my body and my hands descended low and landed on my forehead to know what manner of anointing that has decided to land on my forehead.

By now I was crying and wondering what my offense was that the heavens chose to locate me in such manner. I turned around while still in shock only for me to see one of the Rev Father wave at me and took some steps towards my direction.

On a second look, he was coming at me angrily that I stretched out my hands so he could see why I was crying. The next thing I saw was him release a thunderous slap on the face of a boy who was among other boys behind me.

” Get out from here” he ordered the boy and his partners and then returned to me and led me away from the crowd.
There and then he explained that what happened to me was a “stray stone” that was meant to land on the head of one of those boys who were busy playing while worship was going on but decided to land on mine.

Nna eh, my crying increased.

PS: Please don’t ask me if I attended the crusade the next day.

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