Nigerian family trick dad into buying iPhone 14 Plus for daughter’s birthday

A Nigerian lady has revealed how she worked with her mother to trick her father into buying an iPhone for his other daughter for her birthday.

They family lives in Canada and the mum promised the girl that their dad would buy her the phone.

She said that they asked him to go to the shopping mall with them to get something for her sister and he was completely clueless about their true intentions.

When they reached the mall, the birthday girl was already waiting for them and they decided to let him know that the plan was to buy the latest iPhone for her.

In a video posted on social media, she showed her father’s gloomy face because he was taken unware that he complained endlessly.

When they found out how much the smartphone cost, he was very unhappy and wanted to leave the phone store.

His wife who was in possession of his credit card used it to pay for the phone and he reluctantly took them out for dinner to conclude the night.

Watch the video:

Reacting, @TemiOlabiyi; This is why men don’t live long

@mutohd; That was late! He had to take off right outside the Apple Store.

@LaceVine; Why would your wife have your credit card? If your wife has control of your money then you’re doomed.

@Jp_lashley; Before women fear kanayo O kanayo

In other news, Nigerian man, Mayowa Tijani and his siblings have bought a new car for their father in celebration of his 70th birthday.

His dad recently became a septuagenarian when he clocked a new age and to mark the special day, his kids rallied and gifted him a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Mayowa took to his Twitter page and shared photos of the man’s new whip alongside snapshot of WhatsApp chat with his two siblings where they duscussed about that to get their dad.

According the young man, what they were able to accomplish is one of the proudest moments of his life.

He also said that his brother and sister are the ones who brought a bulk share of the contribution for the expensive gift.

He wrote; “My siblings and I had the privilege of buying our father a car. Another project that made it out of the WhatsApp group. This is one of the proudest moment of my adult life. #GratefulFor2022

Special gratitude to my ever-supportive brother and sister @TJ_Olaitan and @dammytj for bringing the lionshare of funds for this to happen. Thank you for 2022. Shout out to @jesseosiobe and Boss Auto for coming through. I’m grateful.”