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Nigerian embassy staff in Atlanta captured engaging in insults with people who wanted to renew passport (Video)



A staff of the Nigerian embassy in Atlanta, US has been seen having a heated exchange with Nigerians who flew in to renew their passports.

One of the Nigerians who wished to apply shared a video of the encounter on social media.

In the video, they could be seen exchanging insults with the embassy staff named Pius after he allegedly showed up to work late and still had an attitude.

Many of them reportedly flew in to Atlanta from different states to renew their passport after applying online and making payments.

Sharing the video, one of the applicants wrote; ”This was the scene at the Nigerian Embassy in Atlanta this morning June 11th 2021.

Myself and some other Nigerians living here had come to renew our passport after going through the rigorous process of online application and extra payments of $130 just because you want to capture. This man who’s name they said is Pius who was late to work at the embassy was seen hauling insults at people that have traveled from different states to get their passport done.

It is so embarrassing when we as a people can’t respect and love ourselves as Nigerians but we always choose to oppress ourselves with the little space and position we have been obliged to serve. I want to call on the @nigeriagovernment and the honorable Minister @raufaregbesola to look into this man who’s attitude is said to be consistently bad.”

Watch below:

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