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Nigerian doctor raises alarm, says he believes coronavirus has been in Nigeria since 2019



A Nigerian Medical Doctor with handle @Urchilla01 on Twitter, has taken to the social media platform to write on why he believes the novel coronavirus made its way into Nigeria since December, 2019.

The Doctor taking to Twitter, opined that he handled a lot of patience with bizzare respiratory isues which culminated in himself having his own respiratory issue. He added that the illness disappeared after two weeks.

Read his tweets below;

“I honestly believe covid19 has been with us in Nigeria since December. It’s only natural considering the amount of steady traffic between China & Nigeria. Add to this the fact that I had to handle a lot of patients around mid/late January with bizarre respiratory issues,

“Culminating in myself having my own severe respiratory issue from same mid January that disappeared after 2 weeks. Started with a sore throat, then a fever, then severe dry cough that lasted about 10 days before it started to get better. The after effects still leaves me with

“Occasional chest muscle spasms & possible costochondritis.

“I’ve mulled over this in my mind alone until I had a discussion with a cardiologist some day & he said things that mirrored my thoughts exactly without me having said anything first. Also said he had severe respiratory issues around the same time himself to the point he was scared he had T.B; plus also confirmed he handled numerous of such cases around the same time.

“I listened to an interview from the head of NCDC where he said the cases in Nigeria are majorly mild to moderate symptoms and this leads me to strongly believe that the insults our immune systems have had to withstand over time may just be playing a positive role for us in all of this.

“only wish there were enough test kits available to randomly test people who categorically had these symptoms around these times & presented at clinics; maybe it’d help shed a bit more light on how long we’ve been dealing with this.

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