Nigerian couple’s marriage of 13 years reportedly crashes 4 months after relocating to UK

A Nigerian lawyer, Bolanle Cole has revealed that a man and his wife got divorced four months after moving to the United Kingdom.

He said the couple had been married for 13 years in Nigeria only for it to crash less than six months after they arrived abroad.

Bolanle said the belief that a man is supposed to be the one to always pay bills is the only problem that will cause an explosive split between spouses that move to UK.

He wrote; “13 years of Marriage in Nigeria crashed in 4months in UK💔UK is surely a payback time for so many couples.

The mentality that Men will take care of the house and pay bills 100% is a problem that is waiting for UK to explode.”

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On-Air-Personality, Omotunde Adebowale-David, popularly known as Lolo 1, hinted that till date she hasn’t fully grasped why her marriage crashed.

The radio presenter said her union to her husband failed because “life happened” and her experience was more or less a “make or mar situation.”

Lolo 1 stated this in in a recent interview with TVC, adding that many people settle down with someone without having a clear picture of the direction they want to go.

She said; “Well for me, life happened. A lot of times people go into marriage with a little bit of understanding of what they really are going into. And they don’t have a clear picture.

Unfortunately, their lives unfold during the marriage and it is like a make-or-mar situation. I think that’s what happened to me”.