Nigerian couple seeking divorce storm court in matching outfit

A Nigerian couple allegedly seeking the dissolution of their marriage caused a stir in a high court as a result of the way they chose to appear.

The man and his wife arrived at the court premises rocking matching outfits which left the judge wondering if they were serious about the divorce.

A photo from the court which is circulating on social media shows the couple standing beside eachother while wearing the same clothes.

The judge was said to have asked them if they really want to end the marriage because it looked like there was still a spark.

According to a tweep: “Judge said are you sure you want a divorce, because I can see a light.”

Nigerian couple seeking divorce storm court in matching outfit

@YayraAnnette; Couples who are United even in divorce >>>>>

@vicmac575; I guest they have reconciled and want to inform the court

@IbrahimSumani3; The picture tells you that, there’s no bad feelings between them b4 filling for divorce and even after the divorce is granted by the law court. So it was not coincidental that the couple wore same clothes to court.

In other news, a woman has lamented bitterly after making what she thought was a sound financial decision which turned around to affect her negatively.

She said she fixed all her assets and properties in her brother’s name, but his wife recently filed for divorce and demanded half.

According to the woman, who wrote to Ugandan financial advisor, Ssalongo Ssali, she had been saving and acquiring properties without informing her husband.

The mother of three bought plots of land, motorcycles for business, started a rental company and registered everything under her brother’s name.

She did that in case her husband tries to divorce her, unfortunately, her brothers’s wife who is aware that she fixed her assets in his name still wants half of the properties in the divorce settlement.

The distraught woman has asked for advise on what to do now that her sister-in-law with to kids wants to claim her properties through the divorce.

In her words; I am a married woman and a mother of 3 kids. My husband is financially well off. I am working at my professional job and he left me with full authority and freedom to manage my finances as i wish.

I have saved and by God’s grace, i have secretly accumulated a number of property including rentals, various plots of land, taxis for business etc. To be honest, i registered most of my property into my brother’s names with fear that in case my husband divorces me, i have all my property and i move on.

Unfortunately my brother’s wife of 2 kids has recently filed for divorce and wants more than half of his property and fortune. To make matters worse, she is aware of all property registered in her husband’s names including my investments! And she’s very serious with divorce and property sharing. I really regret why i did this! How can i save my investments? Advise me.

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