Nigerian artistes were disrespected before Eedris and 50 Cent’s brawl – Soberekon

Music executive, Soso Soberekon says the altercation that rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem had with 50 Cent and his crew in 2004 helped improve the welfare of Nigerian artistes.

According to him, before that incident where the Hip Hop artiste confronted 50 Cent’s crew over discriminatory treatment, Nigerian artists were “treated like rats.”

Speaking in a live chat with media personality, Daddy Freeze, the talent manager said entertainers owe Eedris some credit and appreciation for his efforts even though he did it in a wrong way.

Soberekon said: “Before now Eedris was the bully of the industry. He had these bouncers, and when he is going for a show he carries batons and bats. That’s why artistes are afraid of Eedris today.

What happened between Eedris and 50 Cent helped the industry, but he did it in a wrong way. Before then, Nigerian musicians were treated like rats.”

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This comes days after Eedris Abdulkareem claimed that he laid the foundation for Afrobeats stars, Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid to become successful in the music industry.

He said the reason Nigerian artistes are now appreciated around the world is because of his 2004 rebellion against concert promoters’ mistreatment of the country’s entertainers, during which his historic fight with 50 Cent occurred.

Eedris stressed that he was the driving force behind the revolution that brought international recognition and acceptance.

He said his revolt which negatively affected his career was a beautiful sacrifice that gave birth to Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido and other stars.

The rapper said; “You heard someone like Burna Boy said nobody helped him in Nigeria. Would you have been a star without some people starting the revolution? That is a stvpid talk. You wouldn’t have been where you are if we didn’t make this industry what it is; if we didn’t fight for it. Unfortunately, most of them don’t appreciate it. And I don’t give a dime.

“It [fighting for Nigerian music industry] affected my career but it was a beautiful sacrifice that gave birth to Davido, Boy, Wizkid, and everybody today. For me, what’s more important is that I have done what God asked me to do and our music is now allover the world. I have opened the road for them. It’s their responsibility to appreciate the fight. And if them don’t, I don’t give a dime.”