Nigerian actress, Empress Njamah is engaged

Seasoned Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah has gotten engaged.

The movie star announced the good news via her verified Instagram page on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

She captioned the post; ”Finally off the market.”

Empress shared a video of her happily showing off her engagement ring in a throwback video which was recorded on August 18th, which happens to be the day she got engaged.

See her post:


Friends, colleagues and fans flooded her comment section to congratulate her.

maryremmynjoku; Congratulations 💃 💃 💃 💃

yomicasual; Hello guys, I just received an info now that someone hacked this account. Please be careful what you send to the person handling this account for now. 🙏🏾

gleeoflife; Congratulations mama😍

kennethokolie; Congratulations dear🤗

askdamz; 😍😍😍😍😍😍 what the Lord has done for you shall be permanent.

officialngoziezeonu; Congratulations dear

chinneyloveofficial; Wow…. I don’t even know how to feel…. Congrats mama! We are Asoebi ready ooo! Legoooo.

In other news, a Nigerian digital marketer, Olufemi has advised men to breakup with their woman if she is the type that likes to upload her photos online.

He said that a woman who does that is indirectly passing a message to her boyfriend that she is available to other men, incase he misbehaves.

Femi advised men to cut off commitment the moment they realise their girlfriend loves posting her photos because she is seeking validation and attention of men she wants even while she’s in a relationship.

According to the Influencer, women do not approach or woo men, so the only thing they can do is to position themselves to be approached by men.

In his words; If you’re dating a woman who is always uploading her pictures on social media, withdraw your commitment to her because she is indirectly telling you that she is available to other men. Any woman who is always posting pictures of herself on social media is craving the attention of other men. The game for women is to put themselves at a position where men will see them and approach them because women don’t approach. Men are the ones who do the approaching.

Some women will say “ I’m posting the pictures for myself to make myself feel good “ if that’s the case why not hide the pictures where only her sees them ? Or better still keep the pictures in her gallery and go view them whenever she’s doesn’t feel good about herself since the pictures are for her eye only… women enjoy attention generally even from the men they won’t date or give a chance!

They enjoy validation from every angle, now some will come and say “ I get attention however I dress “ just to justify you letting them post pictures online, if she’s single it’s a different ball game, at least she’s putting herself out there, and don’t let her guilt trip you or shame you that it’s because you’re insecure and a secure man wouldn’t mind, all those manipulation tactics is to play with your Ego into letting them do whatever they want, while they restrict you from doing whatever you want, if she’s secure as well she’ll let you sleep with other women since at the end of the day she’s your main chick ! 😂 see how it is when I flip the role ?