Nigeria will stress you – Reactions trail video of passengers running to board plane preparing to take off without them

A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment dozens of passengers were running frantically to board an airplane.

The pilot had apparently initiated flight sequence while passsngers were yet to be on the plane and when they realised the aircraft was preparing to leave without them they started rushing.

Women, children and men could be seen carrying their luggage while running to catch up with the plane on the tarmac.

The incident which reportedly happened in Owerri, Imo state has elicited condemnation with some calling on the authorities to ensure things are done the right way.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, oluwakemi._o said; Why are we not organized? This country suppose be on Netflix

chinonso_; Nigeria will stress you in everything, when you now see an easier system that works some of you wouldn’t know how to act. Like when the Israelites left Egypt and still couldn’t act right because they’ve been used to too much suffering

thisisrachelle_; I feel like Nigerians are just too different from every people on earth and I don’t mean this in a good or bad way. We are just weirdly different 😂

richardsunday_3; This country. How are they going on the run way like that. The plane is just parked there like a BRT bus.lol

sexpleasurez_; So much has casted in this country mehn, cos what’s this? 😢😢😢

meekyfred; What cannot happen in Nigeria does not exist. #AeroDanfo

hinex_whyte; Mad people making the whole country look mad😒

richyrech_couture; Some people have business deals to conclude. Some have life changing interviews and opportunities to meet up with..so what do you expect

toiyoabasi1; This must be after the announcer forgot to announce the flight in Nigerian accent. 😂😂 those announcers’ accent ehn.

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