Nigeria doesn’t have the best women in the world – Ruger (Video)

Budding Afrobeats singer, Michael Adebayo Olayinka, known professionally as Ruger, has said that Nigerian women are far from the best in the world.

The ‘Girlfriend’ crooner made the assertion in a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM, Lagos. He said any man who is well-travelled can attest to the fact that there are attractive women from other races.

Ruger also said that the claim that white women do not have voluptuous backsides like black women is a lie and he confirmed this.

Ruger Nigerian girls not best
Ruger and a female fan

He said; “I can say for sure, we [Nigerians] don’t have the best women in the world. Yes, that’s a fact. No man that has been around [the world] would just say that [Nigeria has the best women].

“We have good women but we don’t have the best. You think there are white women that don’t have ‘booties’? They lied to us actually that white girls don’t have booty. Hmm, you need to see. I have seen first hand”.

Speaking further, the artiste said he would never perform with female fans on stage in Nigeria as he does abroad because “Nigerian girls are liars.”

“Personally, I don’t think I would get any girl on stage in Nigeria. Because most people that were criticising me for dancing with female fans on stage at that time were Nigerians. I don’t want no problems man. I will just do my time and leave.

“Actually, I don’t want problems with Nigerians. My people are toxic. And most of the girls in Nigeria they are in relationships so I don’t want someone to come for me. Nigerian girls are liars actually”, Ruger said.

Watch the interview: