Nick Cannon says he wants Taylor Swift to have his 13th child

American actor and media personality, Nick Cannon has said he would love the idea of welcoming his 13th child with singer, Taylor Swift.

During a chat with Howard Stern on Monday, Nick was asked about increasing his already large family by one.

The Drumline actor initially seemed hesitant to give a straight answer because the last time he answered that question he angered some in the religious community by saying he was “putting it in God’s hands.”

“Every time I answer this question it I can never answer it correctly,” Cannon said.

But when the host suggested Taylor Swift, he couldn’t contain his excitement and immediately said; “That’s the one. I’m all in!”.

The rapper added; “First of all she’s an amazing songwriter. What I do love about Taylor Swift is that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music.”

The songstress just got out of relationship with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Cannon joked that their respective relationships have faced similar public scrutiny.

“I think she would relate to me very well based off of like yo, you’ve dated a lot of people in the public eye, so have I. We probably will really understand each other,” he said.

Cannon also said he was aware that she and Joe have split.

The Hollywood actor shares 12 children with six different women.