Newly wed lady calls out bestfriend who secretly informed her husband that she has two kids

A Nigerian lady has gone online to call out her bestfriend for trying to destroy her marriage by going behind her back to inform her husband about her having kids before marrying him.

The young woman who just got married said that her bestie chatted her husband up on WhatsApp and tried to find out if he is aware that the woman he married already had two children.

She said her friend was unaware that she told her husband while they were dating that she is a proud mother of two.

The married woman known as Rose shared screenshots of her friend’s conversation with her husband where she begged him not to let her know that he heard it from her.

In a video posted on social media, the mother of two could be seen ranting over her friends act of betrayal.

See the post below:

CorrectNG reported earlier that a Kano woman, Malama Khadija dissolved her own marriage and tied the knot with her daughter’s boyfriend.

She reportedly married him in Rano Local Government Area of the state after her daughter, Aisha, rejected his marriage proposal.

The woman’s relatives however, accused the Hisbah Commandant of Rano LGA of marrying off their daughter without their consent and that they didn’t even know where she was.

They visited a radio station to raise an alarm when they learnt that Khadija had married a younger man without informing her family.

But in reaction, Khadija who later visited the station, said she was living happily with her new husband. According to the woman, Muslim clerics gave her assurance that her marriage was not prohibited in Islam.

When Malama Khadija’s child turned down the boyfriend that asked for her hand in marriage, she decided to ensure she and her daughter don’t lose him.

She said that she then contacted his new husband’s family for the the marital rites to be performed.

She said; “I didn’t do it with ignorance. I contacted clerics and they said it is not prohibited in Islam. When I contacted him (the new husband), he agreed, but my parents and relatives refused to do the marriage rites. That was why I decided to go to Hisbah and we are happily married now.”

Khadija’s uncle, Abdullahi Musa Rano, said they felt it was wrong for her to marry her daughter’s suitor after deliberately dissolving her first marriage.

He said they refused to allow her marry him because he was not qualified to be her husband, but she still went ahead.

“She mounted pressure on her husband to divorce her just to marry the man. We can’t do this shameful thing in our family which was why we refused to join them in marriage. We are not happy with what Hisbah did and we want them to bring out our daughter. We want the general commandant and the state government to look into the matter,” he said.