Native doctor storms bank with juju to help customers gain access

A native doctor caused a stir at a popular bank when he showed up to help himself and other customers gain entry into the banking hall.

He arrived with a calabash containing fettish substances and tried to use his powers to compel the security doors to open.

In the photos which surfaced online, the traditionalist was clad in red wrapper with a snake-like object around his neck.

According to eyewitnesses, he began to recite some incantations to make the doors open for people to enter but he was unsuccessful.

The customers who watched him as he worked were said to have talked down on his powers by saying juju does not work for banks.

A tweep who shared the photos, wrote; “Customers at one of Access Bank Branch were surprised to see a Native doctor in the bank trying to perform some magic so that he can enter inside the bank but he failed.

Customers around him were heard telling him ‘Juju No Dey Work For Bank’.”

Reacting, @trueAFICIONADO said; Aside from acting movie, bank are very spiritual than all this small small juju, go to India then you will understand that all this commercial bank owner has gone beyond what you think, dey play o🤣🤣

@trueAFICIONADO; It happened 2 weeks ago I think because I watched the video, he only try find his way to jump the queue, nothing special about him 😆 😂

@Gen2cute; Access bank that you can not access your money… but ehn, watin babalawo the find for bank, normally, based on nollywood, him suppose the leave money for him shrine. Who dem born well to go, thief the gods money.

@Rufus88262455; Why native doctor no go visit bank?!! gods are hungry and gods want spent cash to buy chicken and fired rice naw. Chai… nija na season films we dey season 5 now since 2019.

@FRANCISABATAI; Native doctors use cowries. What is he looking for in the bank?

@viido_; Ezenmo sef no get cash 😂 @GodwinIEmefiele you are playing with the gods

@YinkaElijah2;💰 ritual juju no dey work again as no cash anywhere wey spirit wan go carry come.

@Cyzorosgatus; It will choke you guys after this that Bank branch will begin to lose bcoz nobody knows which kind incantation he rain there before leaving 🤣🤣 Dey Play Juju is real & Bank juju is real too Let the best juju win Wetin concern me🥳🥳

@Homodayor; I saw this on Nairaland but I could not believe it, I can see that it’s for real.
It seems herbalist is short of cash and needs to visit the bank for withdrawal due to the cashless policy. Cash straps show no regard to anyone either pastor, imam or herbalist