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Naira will become powerful again – Pastor Adeboye



General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG) Pastor E.A Adeboye, says the naira will regain its value and compete favourably among the league of currencies.

He made the statement during the Church’s annual Holy Ghost Congress at the RCCG International Headquarters along on Saturday morning.

The clergy man prayed to God to intervene in Nigeria’s financial sector and change the hearts of policymakers who deliberately devalue the naira.

While sharing a testimony on instant financial breakthrough, Adeboye, 78, recalled that he had needed 5000 naira many years ago during the Church’s inaugural Convention and at the time, such an amount was a lot of money because the naira was powerful then.

Adeboye said; “During our first Convention here at the Redemption Camp, I was bold, I asked everybody to come, free feeding. They came, I ran out of money. My wife came to me in the morning, ‘Sir, we need N5,000.’

“Naira was powerful then. It will become powerful again. Those who are deliberately devaluing our naira, before tomorrow morning, God will intervene.

“So, my wife said we needed N5,000. I asked her, ‘Do you need it today or later?’ She said today. I didn’t have a kobo. I told her to go. I cried to God that I needed a breakthrough. It wasn’t long after that, one man drove in, he wasn’t a member of the church.

“He asked what’s going on and we said we are having a Convention. And then, he put his hands in his pocket and brought out an envelope with some money.

“I then called on my wife and asked her, ‘How much do you say you need?’”

Meanwhile, at the end of the trading week, the naira exchanged to the dollar at 490/$ in the parallel market after it had sold for N500 last week.

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