Naira scarcity: Lady pays shoemaker with garri, plate of rice after fixing her slippers

A Nigerian lady, Helen Temitope has revealed how the naira shortage in the country left her with no choice than to pay a shoe repairman with food.

She said she called the cobbler to repair her slippers and when he was done he asked her to pay him with any currency she has be it old or new because he has not eaten in days.

Helen did not have any cash so she decided to pay him with a plate of rice and raw garri because she felt pity for the artisan.

The young woman took to microblogging site, Twitter and shared a photo of the shoemaker eating the food in her compound.

She wrote; “Until today, i haven’t felt this bad about this new note scarcity. I called a shoemaker to amend my slippers. He said i should bring any money i have because he hasn’t got any money to eat today,that he has been trekking for more than 3hrs. I felt so bad for him.

I wouldn’t want to expose his face and i only posted for people to know some of these people don’t have any means of help… We should be kind. Everyone is suffering from it. If banks were giving money, there won’t be issue. I personally don’t have any cash presently.”

@Tjazz41 commented; God will bless you xo xo xo xo xo much my sister. Do you know the most beautiful thing I love and cherished much about your actions? It was covering the guy’s face. You’ve earned my utmost respect from today ma’am!👏🏽🥂

@Topetopzy; God bless you my namesake. The pains on the street is indescribable. The mechanic workshop I went yesterday, same way they were hungry and needed to barb their head and no cash… Yet some thought it is a joke or exaggeration or staged.

@DarkHorseSteve; You don’t know what you’ve just done for that man. This policy makes me wonder how some of these guys survive this period.

@Nurse_Voke; This is an act of kindness. God bless you 🙏🏾And you don’t have to respond to people antagonising this, you covered his face and that’s a good thing.