Naira scarcity caused low turnout on Valentine’s Day – Store owner laments

Nigerian entrepreneur known as Peace has lamented over how the scarcity of naira notes is affecting her business.

She said that it became even more worrisome on Valentine’s Day as her the unavailabilty of cash led to reduced customer patronage at her establishment which is usually filled.

The business owner, however, noted that new notes could change the tide of business because a number of her customers had been having challenges with transferring on bank apps.

She shared a photo of her near-empty store on February 14 and wrote; “This place used to be filled up than what you see now, but with the scarcity of the new naira notes and the network failure experienced by bank apps, people have not been coming around like before. I won’t say the patronage is low around here, you know it’s a working day so I guess we might make more sales by evening.

“I don’t collect old naira notes and making cash transfers or bank withdrawals have been a tussle for my customers. Those who have the new notes are also careful not to spend them, so business hasn’t really been going well”.

Meanwhile, a skincare guru simply known as Lola, has said she does not give men loans even if they are in life and death situations.

The cosmetologist said she blocks any man that tries to borrow money from her because she’s had some terrible experiences in the past which she regrets.

According to Lola, she would prefer if they ask their family members or friends to loan them money instead of her.

She wrote; “I don’t borrow men money, even if they are dying. Go ask your family and your guys. Right now, the moment any man asks me for money, I block him.

I’ve had my fair share of nonsense that I still regret till date. God forbid. Crazy thing is there are too many chronic borrowers and shameless debtors out here now and the signs are always there.”