Naira Scarcity: Ailing man sleeps in front of bank after being denied access to his money to pay hospital bills (Video)

A Nigerian man who is battling a terrible sickness has been forced to take extreme measures to get his money from his bank account.

He visited his bank to withdraw money but due to the shortage of naira notes, he was unable to get cash, so he decided to position himself at the bank to compel them to release his money by any means necessary.

The ailing man took a sleeping mattress to the front of the bank and slept there through the night all to make them see that he needs the money to pay his hospital bills.

In a video making the rounds online, he cried out for help while being interviewe, and said that apart from not having money to settle his medical bills, he also need it to feed his family.

According to the man, he does not have an ATM card, neither does he have mobile apps or know how to do mobile banking.

He said he has been begging the bank to allow him withdraw money for days but they keep refusing to release the cash.

Watch the video below:

Read some divergent comments…

_emerald001; Y’all should stop blaming the government sometimes.. what about the hospital! Why can’t they treat him first? And they can’t discharge him whenever he paid their money.. my own opinion tho

cen3ric; Him no get app to transfer abii y’all just want to stress for no reason , he’s sick he’s meant to be at the hospital not exposed outside like that!!

offishial_nature; I’m reading you guys comments in English , which means you pass through school , but it’s so obvious school never passed through you . What part of there’s no cash in bank do you guys not understand? Zenith bank is closed down now , cos they don’t have a single new note to pay to customers . All the old notes deposited few weeks back as been sent to CBN . This man right here , needs help , and the bank clearly can’t help with giving him cash, then he should use another alternative. We live in Nigeria, we live in a jungle , that’s what our government has succumb us to . You can’t fight it . This man is sick , and exposing himself here would do him no good instead more harm . He should make a transfer to the hospital , they won’t decline that . Cos the hospital also knows there’s shortage of cash

contactmelodyfidel; So no banker in this bank is kind enough to pay this man’s bill? Like no banker? Person even get money for him account and no access, no banker can get to the hospital and transfer to them and also transfer to people selling provisions, no banker ? Why and why?

turi_contagious; Abeg the video I unnecessary. Give him an ATM card let him pay with POS at the hospital. Or enrole him on any of the bank’s channels so he can do a transfer to the hospital. Some people think when they do a video of a bank’s failure money will start flying from every corner. This useless video now will get the branch staff sanctioned.

unkusegun__; And some nuisance coming online saying cashless policy yen yen yen ..forget them get old pipu for village wey no fit get access to online banking . Silly set of people with silly government.

josh_solange; Those of you saying yes this CBN policy is good and going just fine just because election is coming ,you are part of the problem ooo.I don’t see how good a policy can be when there are so many loopholes,suffering and anguish. Banks hoarding money like palliative. Giving it to the highest bidder.POS vendors collecting 20% of any withdrawal value is sickening. Are we fully ready for 100% cashless policy ? Unstable online platform. People’s money disappearing from their account. How CBN didn’t fully prepare for this still amazes me. Many thought by now the naira will be at least closer to the dollar in value. But it’s otilo ooo. This is one policy that is affecting the rich and the poor. But the poor is suffering more.

miimii_vints2; Please who knows where this location is ? 🙏🙏I beg you I want to help this man

Seriously sick Nigerian man cries out for help as he sleeps in front of The Bank he kept all his money with, according to him, he does not have ATM and Mobile Banking and he needs money to pay his hospital bills but his bank has refused to give him his money for days now!!! Nigerians are going through a lot!