Na you carry me go training? – Police officer replies lady who quizzed him for demanding N100 bribe

A police man and a female passenger of a cab traded words when the officer demanded bribe from the taxi driver conveying her to her destination.

The cab was stopped at a checkpoint by a security agents who asked the driver to give him N100 before he would be allowed to go.

A lady in the car then asked the police officer why he was trying to run away from the front of the vehicle when the driver tried zooming off. She also probed him to know if he is believes the cab has brake issues.

In response, the security agent who seemed not to have understood what she woman was saying, questioned her on whether she is the one driving or if knows the cab man personally for her to be intervening in the matter.

He then stated that she is not the person who responsible for training him at the police academy so she has no say in his decision to ask for bribe.

Watch the video:

billclinton7559; Omo it’s still not easy for these guys😢

marcaleyanjorpee1; Police still dey collect N100? I think say dem don level up 😂

malikdeking; Those policemen are public nuisance 😂

itsdapzi; No be you carry am go training na, because na he know wettin him eyes don see😂

s_o_g_; The 100# Dey important to them if not them fit shoot gun now.

imightbeusman; Everyone complains about the corruption in our police force but these people don’t even get paid well or live in decent houses in their barracks.
We really need to vote a better candidate that’s willing to change Nigeria and we all need to be ready for that change.

bosskid447; Like he said you don’t know how they met or know

_folashaday; ….Another name for shamelessness, Nigerian “P” men!!!

fairpantherlol; 100 naira can’t even buy gala and a bottle of coke in naira these days

mr__landlordd; I don’t see the diff btw police n agbero, their job description ain’t diff 😢

emmy_rogers_; Look at the way this mango tree his bringing his the NIGERIAN POLICE and his rank to disrepute, police kai, later he will be assuming 2 lieu NA is is equal, yeye.

Watch the video:

Meanwhile, a young man recently raised an alarm over the incessant arrest of youths by police in the Mabushi/Jahi area of the Federal Capital Territory.

He claimed that in the past one week, young men have been arrested for either keeping dreadlocks or dying their hair.

The Abuja resident known as @Yucee_ took to Twitter to share a video of a police station filled with different people that had been arrested for the same reason.

According to him, they called the Police Complaints line but nothing was done about the worrisome situation.

The guy said about 100 people had already been detained as at Thursday night, 15th of December 2022.

He called on the police authorities to intervene because they were being held against their will without being informed of their crime or offence.

He wrote; “The Nigerian police Mabushi division have been extorting people living around mabushi / Jahi axis for the past one week for just Tinting their hair or being on dread locks 🤦‍♂️. As at yesterday they had over 100 persons on this count and demanded they pay 10,000 each

Without saying what their crime was at the station. @Princemoye1 , the Nigerian complaint number was informed of what is happening at the diving but they did nothing about it.”