Na who win I go marry – Nigerian man says as he watches his two girlfriends fight over him

Drama ensued at the residence of a Nigerian man dating two women as they bumped into each other.

A messy fight broke out between the two young ladies that led to them almost completely stripping each other.

They pulled their hairs and tugged at each other as if it was a wrestling match but it did not faze the boyfriend. He found the fight amusing and decided to watch them fighting while eating a plate of food.

In a video posted by viewsmedia on Instagram, the guy said that whoever wins the bout is the person he will end up marrying.

“Na person wey win I go marry, make I chop first,” he said.

CorrectNG is unable to post the video due to the explicit nature of the content.

In other news, a Ghanaian man has narrated how he and his friend both tested their girlfriend to see if they would cheat and it unraveled some heartbreaking secrets.

In a lengthy post on social media forum, Jodel Hub, the guy said his friend asked him to chat up his girlfriend and get her to fall for him.

He played the role and discovered that the girlfriend has been dating another guy longer than his friend.

The man, who was stunned by the discovery decided to also subject his own girlfriend to a test and he was shocked to find out that she was disloyal.

Read his write-up:

So my paddy asked me to text his girlfriend and paddy her because he doesn’t fully trust women. This my paddy too has money so has been spending on the girl. Ff I started texting the girl and we became very good friends. I am very funny and can keep convo going always so texting the girl wasn’t a problem. My friend asked me to propose and see the girl’s response.

Mind you while texting the girl, I didn’t send my own picture but I was using another guy’s picture because my paddy’s girlfriend knows me. This guy too goes for outings and big big locations and he is also very fine you barb. The girl is also those type of girls that like outings. So I used to post locations and videos of the guy chilling for only her to see so it will attract her. So the vibe was going on very well. And everything was set.

So I proposed to the girl just like my paddy asked me to do. And the girl bounced me. I was like why and she told me she has a boyfriend. I still insisted and she said naaa she loves her boyfriend very much so we can’t just be friends or She was like let’s be just just friends or friends with benefits. Hmm girls.

So I accepted the friends with benefits but something dawned on me to ask for her bfs name, When I asked she said her bf is called Nana Yaw and they gave been dating for more than two years meanwhile my paddy is called David and they have been dating for just 5 months

When I asked she said her bf is… I acted very cool. But I didn’t know how to tell my paddy. Because opana loves the girl very much and had invested a lot So I was very afraid, I told my paddy and he didn’t believe so I had to show him the chats. Come and see abodi3 pann Wey dey cry.

He cried his heart out. I started to feel very sad, Charlie my paddy make basaaa . He was my roommate too. Sometimes he mentions the girls name when he is sleeping.