Na me enjoy 2023 pass – Ghanaian man who married two women same day

A Ghanaian man, Michael Houston, who went viral last December for marrying two women, has celebrated how favourable 2023 was to him.

He married two wives on the same day, and for that he marked the new year by crowning himself as the person that enjoyed 2023 the most.

Michael Houston enjoy 2023

Houston, who shared a couple photo, said his partners are the most beautiful women and he prayed for God to bless them for him.

He wrote; “The whole of 2023 na me enjoy pass, got the two most beautiful women as my wives. Adepa Fel Houston and Deejah Houston God bless you for me okay”.

See his post:

Michael Houston two wives

In other news…

CorrectNG recalls that a man reneged on his promise of marriage and scammed a UK-based lady out of a financial agreement which was made before she helped him travel abroad.

He was said to have lied to her that they will get married once he arrives the United Kingdom, so she sent him a huge sum of money as proof of funds so make his student visa application easy.

However, after concluding the arrangements and moving to her city, he made a U-turn regarding the relationship. He refused to send the proof of funds money back to the girl even after breaking her heart.

A Twitter user @chymaker shared the story and noted that he intends to take up the case and see to it that the man is prosecuted.

He wrote; “I’ve just heard a story that broke my heart and if that person doesn’t rethink his action, I’ll personally take up the case to prove just one point. You can’t lead a woman on with a promise of marriage, she assist you to move over to the UK and you not only disappointed her but also want to keep the money.

The right and reasonable thing to do is to refund her money. If you don’t , well let’s leave how we get around it under UK law. You’re just on a student visa and what you can’t attract to yourself is a case that clearly expose you as a scammer.

I have the entirely conversation and proof of funds. Whatever your name is, please send her money back. Do not paint Nigerian youths with a bad brush and you are less than 32 yrs and a lot ahead of you.”