My wife said she wouldn’t have married me if I didn’t have borehole – Man shares

A Nigerian man known as Abdollars has shared an unpleasant incident that triggered his wife into making a shocking revelation to him.

He said that their pumping machine developed a fault so his wife had to start fetching water from a well.

However, as she was doing that she kept complaining of the stress, so he decided to ask her what would have happened if they did not have borehole.

According to Abdollars, she said if he was fetching water from a well while they were still dating, she would not have married him.

He wrote on Twitter: “The pumping machine was faulty so my wife had to fetch water outside from the well , she started complaining and i said “what if we can’t afford Borehole in d first place she said “ I wont have married u if i have to fetch water from the well” 🤌🏿. Ah agba my heart is broken.”

In reaction, @DA__Adeleke said; Omo! Who want hard life? Na well water we dey use for my father’s house,man still never put pumping machine inside well, not to talk of borehole. So I should go and marry again and be putting big bowl of my head? Even if na you, wetin you go choose

@SealOfSaints; “I wont have married u if i have to fetch water from the well” This is partly why JD said ‘women don’t love men’, rather they love the value, comfort & resources attached to men. Women will never compromise that (which is what your wife told you).🤝

@GodOfWar1759; Reading through the comments from some ladies, I can say most of them are not ready to get married.

@oyeweler; Her car has fault, madam said she can’t take kids to school on a bike or keke even when am not at home with my own car.

@tope_femi; But if she stays alone. She will have no option but fetch from the well.

@TinaAbaka; I can relate, that’s how the water in my house stopped rushing I had to fetch water outside my compound for few days, I told Oga thinking he will show empathy, instead Oga was comparing me to other women I was so angry and started feeling like he wants me to suffer.😆

@deslilym; Tbh, your wife is not a good person and that’s just it. Y’all should look out for good people before you marry them

@dayson88; I am the husband but if pumping machine spoil na me dey fetch water from well ooo or sometimes from the next street…..some women sha.

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