My wife made several attempts on my life over church, says man after filing for divorce

A civil servant, Mr Aku Bakari has dragged his wife before a Customary Court in Nyanya, Abuja over alleged threats to his life.

The petitioner who resides in Nyanya, made the allegations in a divorce petition he filed against his wife, Mary in court.

He told the court on Friday, January 12 that she made several attempts on his life and it was his wits and luck that have been saving him.

According to Bakari, the reason Mary has been attacking him is because she left their family church but he insisted that she returns because that is the one they have been attending for 15 years.

He said; “I now live in fear in my own house. My wife has made several attempts to kill me because I told her to return to the church we have been attending since we got married 15 years ago.

“On the first occasion, she carried a cutlass wanting to attack me, but I was lucky to grab her hand and took the cutlass away from her.

“On another occasion, she tried to grab my pxxnis but failed. She grabbed my neck tightly, my children saved me from her”.

The applicant also informed the court that the respondent no longer plays her role in the family as a wife as she is always in the church. However, the respondent, Mary, who is a cleaner, denied the allegations.

The presiding judge, Doocivir Yawe, advised the couple to reconcile for the sake of the children and adjourned the matter until Jan. 16.