My wife is not a feminist – Nigerian man shares 7 secrets to his successful marriage

A Nigerian man simply known as Kunle, has taken to social media to share the six tips that made his marriage to his wife successful so far.

He said the topmost reason their union remains unshaken is because his wife is not a feminist. The writer followed it by saying he is not a slave driver.

Kunle stated that the third secret is that they practice the principles taught in the bible, while the next is that they don’t take their marital problems to outsiders.

The last and equally important one was that she quit her medical job two years ago to focus on taking care of their kids and the decision was solely hers.

Read the full write-up; Our secret is simple;

1. My wife is not a feminist

2. I am not a slave driver

3. We follow scriptural principles in our home

4. We don’t report the seldom friction between us to anyone, we sort it!

5. Marriage is a ministry to us; our goal is for our kids, mentees and friends to be eternally glad they have us in their corner

6. No individual project, it’s always about the family.

Why am I sharing this? Go back to no 5; bcs our marriage is equally a ministry to you! My wife got something done this year that I motivated her for, my heart melted when she knelt down to thank me for my input.

She has not practiced medicine for 2yrs in order to care for our twin boys, which was solely her decision. That’s some super sacrifice that the kids and myself will eternally be grateful for! Don’t marry big bumbum or big chest; marry Jesus’ daughter/son!

To the feminist having tonic clonic seizures because of the tweet, do what’s best for you! As you can see, I said “our”. There is no place for the method of feminism being practiced in the scripture we follow as our pattern, we love our beautiful cross!

Look at the comments and the quotes, thousands of women disapprove feminism in the way it’s been practise. The majority of women don’t want your toxic feminism! That says a lot!

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