My tech boyfriend has dry pocket, how can I find the rich ones – Nigerian lady cries out

A Nigerian lady has lamented bitterly about dating a tech savvy man who is not as rich as the ones she often hears about on social media.

She said her boyfriend is a ‘p00r tech bro’ who does not have swag, doesn’t keep dreadlocks or wear knickers like most programmers do and she is tired.

The disappointed lady went anonymous messaging platform, NGL, to ask where and how she can locate the rich tech enthusiasts being that her own man has dry pockets.

She wrote; “Where are people seeing the rich tech bros. How can I find a rich tech bro. My boyfriend is a poor tech bro. No money no swag like the tech bros I see on twitter. No dread, no ashewo short. Just dry cheeks, strong face and dry pockets. Am tired.”

In other news…

A young woman simply known as Lady B, has taken to microblogging platform, Twitter (X) to advocate against participating in cultism due to its many dangers.

She went down memory lane shared the worrisome details about the life of her first boyfriend, who was a cultist despite being a caring and nice guy.

The lady said she met him when he was about 16 while she was 15 years old, and she discovered that at home he was a good boy but in the streets he was a butcher man for the cult.

According to Lady B, during one of the numerous cult clashes, he was severly wounded in the leg but he kept hiding it from family members.

However, when the fight was becoming scarier she made him confess to his parents and they had to send him out of Enugu for seven years. She explained that she had to breakup with him so there won’t be anything reminding him or brnging him back to the state.

In her words; “My first boyfriend was a cultist, i didn’t know until one year into the relationship.. we were still small o I think I was 15 and he was 16, a good mummy’s boy in the house but cold headed outside. He’s the butcherrr man, in charge of béåting for initiation and during w@rs

He’s very caring and nice, in fact I was the hård one in the relationship. I didn’t notice until w@r burst out, i think he was aye the ones wearing yellow 🟡

They b€at him in the leg that he hid it and was only wearing trousers instead of the usual shorts he usually wears. It was fun at first because, nobody dared to look for my trouble but it became scarier as time went by.

I made him come clean to his family but he can’t leave without leaving Enugu state as a whole. In fact, I broke up with him so he can see no reason to stay back. The w@r was becoming much, so the family had to send him in the north to stay for safety. He stayed there for about 7yrs or so. I won’t lie, I think his life is still in shãbbles. He’s back in Enugu with the same crowd and started smøking again. SAY NO TO CULTISM.”