My sister’s husband wants to send me to UK after I caught him cheating – Confused lady shares

An 18-year-old Nigerian lady has opened up on the conundrum she is battling with after finding out that her sister and husband are cheating on each other.

She narrated how she first caught her sister having an affair with another man, but her silence was bought with 5 million naira.

The young woman said guilty conscience began to prick her and she could not sleep for a week after collecting the N5m, so she decided to go and report to the husband, but also nabbed him cheating.

When she confronted the man, he begged her not to tell his wife and even offered to arrange her relocation to the United Kingdom.

Following the separate offers she got from the couple, the lady is confused and asked social media users if she should inform her parents about her discovery.

In her words; “I caught my sister cheating on her husband and collected 5m as shut up money but I couldn’t sleep for a week then I went to tell her husband what I saw last week I caught him with another woman he’s willing to send me to UK for study I’m 18 should I tell my parents?”

Meanwhile, in similar news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that a Nigerian woman revealed how her husband reacted and treats her after he caught her cheating in their matrimonial bed.

She said that when he walked in on her with another guy, he calmly told her lover to leave and started acting kind towards her.

The woman said he spoils her with gifts, takes her shopping and is already planning to take her on a special vacation in August. However, what disturbed the married woman is her husband’s weird behaviour of watching her whenever she is asleep.

She said that sometimes she wakes in the middle of the night to see him looking at her, but he claims that he is only admiring her beauty. She is worried about his actions because it is suspicious.

She wrote; “My hubby caught me with a man in our bedroom.He asked the guy to leave &is very kind to me since. He gifts me, takes me out and planning a baecation in August.

Sometimes I open my eyes at night and find him looking at me. When I ask he says his admiring beauty. His behavior is suspicious. Am I being paranoiid?”