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My roommate who advised me to move out of my parents house is now begging me to ask my mum for foodstuffs – Nigerian man



A Nigerian man has shared a story about how his friend advised him to move out of his parents house for his own good, but it did not turn out as blissfully as desired.

According to the man known on Twitter as @alinwakingsley, his friend told him to leave his comfort zone if he really wants to succeed, and move into his place.

But just recently, the same friend, who is now his roommate, appealed to him to go home and get foodstuffs from his mum.

The young man shared a photo of them in their room and wrote;

”My guy told me to leave my parents house and move in with him, that if I really want to succeed, I should leave my comfort zone. Now he dey beg me make I go my mama house collect foodstuffs for us.”

See the post:

Some Nigerians on social media shared similar experiences, while others shared opinions on whether leaving ones parents house is a smart move.

@GovernorKaslas; I started this way , I left my parents Home to squat with a friend and his parents , from there I moved to mine and Japaaaa after , it’s inspirational when you have a plan in life , not just to sleep and wake up hunger go kill una 2 for there

@i_iyanz; I really don’t understand this pressure to leave your parents house….Food, clothing, security(housing) are basic needs not want….stop mixing basic needs for survival with comfort!

@Tobbsbrown1; Baba don lean finish he remember say him get palle and Malle

@iamAyoTomi; Bruhhhh don’t ever plan to leave your parent house if you no get enough to fend for yourself for 6month . You fit dey your parent house still pursue your dream … unnecessary pressure

@FunomPraiz; E no really easy as u think am… Sometimes the home might be ur hindrance itself. U need to leave the comfortable zone… Imagine going out to look for daily bread and them go dey call u for phone say night don dey do, u no go come house kon runn errands for them etc..

@AdambuBiafra; I am looking forward to seeing how far two of had gone 3 years from today. Safe this photo and the tweet. Most of us have been through were you are now, the story is different today because we perceived & kept going against all odds! Sincerely wishing you all the best of luck.

@nwoke_nanka; While you left home to feed home, you will need support from home till you succeed. Don’t forget home when you have succeeded

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