My peers bullied me because of my voice -Tems recalls childhood experience

Popular Nigerian singer, Temilade Openiyi, better known as Tems, has revealed that she was bullied over the pitch of her voice.

The ‘Try Me’ crooner said she grew up feeling self-conscious because her voice did not sound like other girls and it made her believe she talked like a boy.

Bullied me because of my voice -Tems

Tems recalled her childhoold experience during an interview with The Cut, where she also revealed that the bullying made her cry often.

The Grammy-winning artiste who said she didn’t start speaking until she was 3 years old, said whenever other girls sang her song it sounded sweet unlike hers that had bass.

She said; “I was bullied to the point of tears and was a target of ridicule. This led to the belief that I sounded like a boy, or a frog, with the impression that my voice was ugly.

“I was always in my own little world. When I did make friends, I would try to make them sing my songs and other girls had these sweet, high voices and my voice had a bass.”

Meanwhile, in related news…

CorrectNG recalls that Tems had previously stated that she started making music because she didn’t have any friends.

She explained that her type of music is meant for people who go through the same thing as her and those that can connect with it.

The 28-year-old Afrobeats sensation also said nobody can compete with her, and her only competition in music is herself. Tems also said that even if nobody listens to her she will still release songs.

She said; “I’m competitive within myself but I’m not competitive with other artistes. Nobody can compete with me. I’m original. I have had children. But also, I’m just all about being true to myself. My music is for people that relate to it. So my music is coming from me. And my music is my outlet.

“I started making music because I didn’t have friends. I heard something to say and I didn’t have anyone to say it to. So, I would just sing it. I will write it in a song and record it on my phone. I was doing that for years.

“So, music is my outlet. Whether anybody listens to it or not, I’ve to release it. Whether it does or not, it’s none of my business. But I need to release it. And it’s for the people that can connect with it and are going through the same thing.”