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My parents shipped me back to Nigeria to suffer – Boy born in UK



A young boy who resides in the United Kingdom has revealed that his parents sent him back to Nigeria twice when he was much younger.

In a video posted on social media, he lamented about his past experience because of the place he was sent to stay.

According to the teenager, he was first shipped back to Nigeria in 2010 but his parents flew him abroad in 2011.

However, they sent him to his motherland again in 2012, except that this time, he stayed there till 2018, after that, his parents took him overseas again.

He was disappointed that they did not send him to Lagos, rather, he spent his years in Ogun state.

The boy said that what was most painful for him was the fact that he was made to stay in a village in Ijebu-Ode instead of a GRA. He said that he spent a total of seven years in Nigeria and that period was filled with suffering.

Watch him speak below:

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Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has been captured on tape lamenting over the hassles of living and working in Europe as immigrants.

She said that being in any European country is not as blissful as many people back in Nigeria may have been led to believe.

The young woman showed off what she does for a living and explained that it is what puts food on her table.

She could be seen packing hay with her hands which she said would eventually be carried to another location by a machine.

According to her, ‘Europe no easy’ and if she were in Africa she would probably not be doing that type of job.

She emphasised the need for persons like herself who are in Europe, to tell their countrymen that the continent is not hassle-free.

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