My parents denied me during my childhood – Phyna

Big Brother Naija winner, Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, also known as Phyna has recounted how she had to beg for parental love while growing up.

The reality TV star recalled how her parents have treated her badly and often told her that she was not their daughter.

Her comment comes after her father, Mr. Felix Otabor said he has not seen his daughter since she emerged winner of BBNaija Level Up.

Phyna parents denied

The man said Phyna abandoned the family, stopped picking calls and the only time he gets to see her is on social media platforms.

Otabor said; “I haven’t seen Phyna, my daughter, since she won BBNaija ‘Level Up’ edition last year. She hasn’t returned home since then. I don’t know why?

“I am a professional hearse driver, and when she won the reality TV show, she asked me to do away with all my old cars, promising to change my life.

“But since then, I haven’t seen her. And I don’t have a car anymore. Once in a while, the Vice-Chairman of our association will allow me to drive his car.

“She asked me to do away with all my old cars, or she would give them out to someone, any day she returned. So, instead of allowing her to give my cars to scavengers, I decided to sell them as scraps and used the proceeds to renovate my house.

“And that was the beginning of my suffering. I stopped doing my business because I had no car again. And my neighbors thought I was either stingy or pretending as if my daughter had just won a N100 million grand prize.

Phyna, who felt hurt by the reports took to her Snapchat story and wrote; “Growing up I always hear you are not my daughter. Yet I would beg for parental love.

The truth is I have always begged people to love me. Today I have finally accepted it. No wonder, I for say. Guess I’m an ORPHAN”.