My parents are happily married – Lady says as she reveals her mum trained her dad in school

A Nigerian lady has sparked reactions after revealing that her mother is richer than her father and she sponsored him in the university.

The young woman known as CJay Enebeli, in a post on her Twitter page, said her parents are the happiest couple she has ever seen in her life.

Mother train father school

She opened up on the major role her mum played in her dad’s life while reacting to a tweet that reads; “Are there Nigerian marriages where the woman is richer than the Man and it worked out?”

Enebeli stated that contrary to the popular perception, the woman used her hard earned money to train her husband yet they are happily married.

She wrote; “My parents. Mum even trained my Dad in the university back then with her hard earned money. They’re the happiest couple I have ever seen.”

Social media users gushed over the lovely story she shared especially as it is uncommon in the modern society.

@kevinpagne; Everyone on social media acting like their father is richer,real life holds onto a lot

@TaeWap_; Stories like this are hard to believe though. I’m happy for them.

@Luking_Tkd; Your mom is awesome for real. We can’t even do half of what our parents did then because of wokeness and what society has made it all look like now.

There are good people but we’re losing them to wrong advisers on internet 💔💔 Our parents did it but social media is ruining it.