My oga’s wife is seducing me like Potiphar’s wife did to Joseph – Apprentice cries out

A Nigerian man has revealed that he faces temptation which is coming from his employer’s wife just like the biblical story of Potiphar’s wife and Joseph.

The apprentice said he has less than two years remaining for him to finish working under his boss but the wife just started seducing him.

He went online to seek advice on how to handle the situation because he does not want to give in to her advances and doesn’t want to be falsely accused either.

He wrote; “My head wan burst. My Oga wife wan do me Portiphar wife way. This is my 2nd to last year to serve my Oga. Na now she dey seduce me. I dont know what to do. All dis while she just Dey tease me Dey ask me how all my girlfriends. I pretend like I no know she Dey flirt until on Sunday evening.

She call me Dey rub me everywhere. I know say I like woman but I no fit sleep with married woman, let alone my Oga wife. I’m a traditional Igbo guy I know the financial and spiritual consequences. If I say no she can set me up and they will chase me away. Biko How I go handle this one.”

In similar news, a Nigerian man has opened up on how his infidelity put him in a dilemma he’s struggling to find a solution for.

He said that his landlady caught him with his side chic somewhere on Lagos Island and sent him a message to meet her when he reaches home.

The married man thought she wanted to scold him or report to his wife, rather, she asked him to also have an affair with her.

According to the father of three, in a bid to prevent her from exposing his unfaithfulness to his wife, he gave in to his landlady’s demand.

He also lamented that despite satisfying her in bedm his landlady insisted that he must not renege on rent payment.

He wrote; Please help me look at this issue. My land lady caught me with my side chick somewhere on the mainland, I think she came there to see the owner of the place and thereafter she left and send me a message to see her when I get back home.

Me that I was thinking she wants to para for me and lecture me about how to be a good man to my family (I have a wife and three kids). I got to her house and met her drinking red wine that’s how this woman started threatening me that if my wife should hear what she saw today, how would she reacted? I didn’t answer.

She said she doesn’t know I do stuffs like that and she has been looking at me like someone that is responsible that’s how she said that one is not her problem that it’s been a while she had sxxx and I should start getting to work the following day, that’s how we started having an affair and you won’t believe this woman told me her house rent should not delay one day.