My mum warned me against bad friends, but they don’t know I’m bad, says Lady who’s a chronic smoker

A young Nigerian lady has exposed herself for being guilty of what her parents advised her to be wary about.

She said her mother warned her to stay away from bad friends but they do not realise that she is the bad friend among her circle of friends.

The beautiful woman shared a video which captured all the different times she was smoking weed non-stop during social outings and in her room.

She smoked the blunt like someone who’s been doing it for a long time and she told her mum not to worry in the caption.

See the video below:

In reaction, crack_003 said; Na only you πŸ˜‚dey no Dey use clear eyes face this country situation

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seventeen__0seven_; %98 of nigeria girls are now smoking

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