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My mum once beat up her suitor after he paid her bride price – Cross reveals



Contestant of Big Brother Naija 2021, Cross has narrated how his mum beat up a man that had the intention of taking her as a wife.

The Anambra-born housemate shared his story in a conversation with Saskay on Monday, Augusr 23, 2021.

According to cross, his mum was very stubborn when she was young and her parents couldn’t wait to marry her off to any available man.

He further narrated how the suitor had come to pay her bride price but she his house and beat him.

His mum later told her parents to return the bride price and everything they collected from the man.

Cross narrated; “She went to the man’s house to beat him up and after she was done she went home to ask her parents to give her bride price back to the man.

“My grandparents were so devastated because they felt bad for the man. They had to return the bride price and every thing the man had brought to do her marital rites.

“My mum is a very beautiful woman but she was very stubborn and a very difficult person to deal with. My grandparents were also sad because they thought they had successfully sent her off to a man’s house.

“Unfortunately it didn’t even end there because she did the same thing to my father too. In my father’s case, she had to bathe him with water when he walked up to her at the stream. But as God could have it, she didn’t know she met her match.

“That act didn’t stop my dad because he was so confident enough to keep going after her even after what she did to him.

“My grandparents were also happy to be sending her off when they finally concluded the marriage rites because she was a truck load of problems.”

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