My mum asks me to shoot skits about her quarrel with my dad – Samspedy

Nigerian content creator, Samspedy has talked about his early career as a skit-maker and where he derives his inspiration from.

He said his mum often gives him ideas on what to use and create content, which includes her domestic squabbles with his father.

The graduate of Medicine and said no one motivated him to become a skit-maker as he only just woke up one day and decided to start.

Speaking on his source of inspiration, Samspedy said; “No one inspired me from the beginning. I just slept and woke up with an idea, which became my first video on YouTube. It was about five things that could make people angry. Back then, I did not have a camera or software to edit. As of then, my phone was not even good. I was a medical student at the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, Ukraine, at the time, and I eventually got my Indian friend to lend me his phone, which I used to shoot some parts of the video (content) in class.

When I uploaded the video on Facebook, I got a lot of comments from people who commended me for being funny. They encouraged me to shoot more videos; and that was how my dream became a reality in 2015.”

He added; “I started making skits about lifestyle. At some point, I thought I could portray African parents better than just shooting lifestyle videos. I started as an African dad. When I started as an African dad, I realised that it was not attracting the audience I wanted. Then, I switched to acting like an African mum. When I started that, people were shocked that I could act as a woman.

Then, I did not have beards and some people did not even know I was a guy. When I started doing that, I was getting a lot of views, and even my parents encouraged me. Although my dad asked me to focus on my studies, he still supported me. His support was inspiring because he was paying my school fees, and he still encouraged me to create content. At times, they give me ideas for skits. My mum could inform me that my dad did something to her and she would suggest I make a skit about it. My siblings also encouraged me.”

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