My man doesn’t panic when I check his phone – Nigerian lady gushes over her ‘special’ fiancé

A Nigerian lady who recently got engaged has outlined qualities in her fiancé that she finds very satisfactory and outstanding.

She expressed joy that she met a man who does not panic or act uncomfortably whenever she’s checking his phone.

According to the lady known as EZINNE @Ola_mara_mma on Twitter said he also gives her his passwords freely.

Her man’s actions moved her to the extent of praising Nigerian men by saying that they are progressing.

Ezinne wrote; “I finally met a man who does not panic or get uncomfortable while I’m on his phone😊 I met a man who freely told me his passwords. These simple factors amongst other things boosted him to be numero uno in my life❤️Nigerian men are progressing.”

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In related news, a 27-year-old man has cried out for advice about how to get himself out of the complicated situation he created.

He revealed that he proposed to his girlfriend just to assure her that he intends to marry her someday but she took it to mean that he was ready to settle down.

According to him, they have been dating for four years and she is also 27 years old, which means she is desperate to be married.

He said that because she misunderstood him, she has already started buying asoebi for a wedding that might not be happening soon.

The lady has already informed her dad about the engagement and the marriage plans, so he called the young man to find out why he did not come and see him before proposing.

The man further said that his babe and her family do not know that his plan is to get married in 2026.

He is confused about what to do but he wants to stop the marriage plans without breaking her heart.

In his words; Good day. Pls I need urgent advice. My girlfriend is very very desperate for marriage because almost all her friends are getting married we’ve dated for 4years We are both 27years.

I love her so much and I always want her to be happy so I proposed to her to give her that assurance that am never leaving her and will get married to her when the time is right but she misunderstood the aim of my proposal.

She entered market and have bought two bags of ashowebi and getting ready to start selling to her friends. She already told her dad and her dad called me this morning to come and see him.

That how can I be preparing marriage without first Coming to see him. Jesus am not ready and I don’t even know how to tell her. My plan is to get married 2026. How do I stop this disaster without breaking her? It’s urgent pls I need comments.