My lover is cheating with another woman – Side chic cries out

A side chic has expressed disapproval at her lover’s decision to start dating another woman apart from she and his main chic.

She lamented that the man is only supposed to be with just two women and not three so she will do everything within her power to ruin his relationship with the third woman.

According to the lady, she likes the main chic and wants her to get married to their lover which is why she is fighting for her.

She explained that she was bestfriends with the guy before they took the friendship to the next level while he was still in a relationship.

She said they have a crazy bond which she does not want to end and she does not want another girl to overtake her.

The side chic further said she will only stop dating him if he gets married to his main side chic.

She wrote: “My boyfriend is cheating on me and his main girl with another girl. We can’t be 3 women in this relationship naw. I really like the main girl, I want him to marry her. I’m going to ruin it with the new girl.

Please he was my bestie before he found his main. We have some crazy bond and i don’t want to end it. No overtaking for here. The guy is for me and the main girl.

Oh yeah yeah, I actually like his main girl oo. I’m just protecting him for her when they fight I hold him down for her so that no one will do overtaking. After they marry naaa, I will walk away”

Meanwhile, a South African man identified as Shandu Kani, has said that it’s not right for a woman to wash her husband’s clothes with machine.

He said that a woman who chooses to do her husband’s laundry with a washing machine is being disrespectful to him.

Shandu, who acknowledged via his Twitter page that times have changed but he insisted that certain family values still need to be maintained.

He said marriage requires hard work, so when a woman fails to use her hands to wash clothes it means she’s not interested in working hard for her hubby.

Shandu, however said that it is his opinion and does not expect men to force their wives to do such for them.

He tweeted; “I know times have changed, but you can’t wash your husband’s clothes with a machine, it’s pure disrespect to your husband, ask elders they’ll tell you.

Marriage is hard work, and if you’re using a washing machine it means you don’t want to work hard for your husband. It’s my own personal opinion, I am patriarchal and I believe in patriarchal marriages !!!

However, I am not in any way advocating marital abuse, a woman shouldn’t be abused, women are a gift from God, they should be cherished, protected and loved.”